Sadistic Love

What if one day, in the midst of your journey you realise it was all a lie that has been keeping you to walk on.
Would you still be able to keep walking on?

Or would your knees go weak and you fall to the ground?
Would you fucking eat sand to shut your stupid cries?
Would you fucking curse all those fake promises and treacherous hopes?
What would you do, would your fucking faith be ripped apart?
Will the muscles of your fucking heart be able to withstand the pressure?
Won’t you just crumple, or burst out to put a bloody end to all this?

Or will you, my darling, just lie there on the sand and close your eyes?
Will you be able to survive on all that we took out of time for days?
Will you, my dear, be able to smile in the scorching heat of misery just by remembering me?

Will you keep breathing our memories till you are saved
Or till you find company of someone just burst out into the same ugly reality?