The Art of Articulation

Articulating our thoughts is also an art — a necessary one, if not beautiful.

One of the major losses to our kind I think is our inability to pass on the mysteries we manage to solve. Not necessarily those at a greater scale, but also those which occur somewhere in an individual’s mind. The simplest of mysteries of life that we are somehow failing to understand, which have us in such miserable states. The missing links that distance us so far from the basic foundations of our life, happiness and peace, from which blooms prosperity. We are at loss, a great loss if those mysteries were solved but couldn’t be brought in light.

Don’t you think someone somewhere must have realised a great truth about our state. Someone might have a discovered an unnoticed flaw in the system which we’ve let govern us. With the majestic brain of humans, often left to corrode, at least one thought must have emerged from it that’d lie down a great misery to rest. Why not? Why ever not?

But how are we at loss? We are at loss because we aren’t being able to put those pieces of puzzle into action. Why? Because it never reaches those who have control over what needs to be mended. It doesn’t even reach the large mass who can use them into their lives and let a movement of transformation flow in the crowd. Sadly, it is all possible. But we fail at delivering those discovered solutions to anywhere far away from us, and to the world.

The loss is not a sudden retraction, neither is it gigantic enough to attract our attention. It is like how cancer eats other cells at its onset, unnoticeably. But in the case of cancer there are still a lot of chances to detect the malady before it damages the being and curb it; we are way past that stage of being able to catch and curb from injury. However what we can do is we can heal, because the injuries on mankind has been deeply inflicted. The loss again as unnoticeable as how glass flows, most aren’t even aware that it is happening. The loss may be counted in the water drops that trickle through pipelines, a loss that weighs us down when looked upon, when we collect all the drops and realise of the loss while standing before the water torrent.

It could have been curbed, and in all comfortable possibility only if we listened, and only we knew how to speak. Our inability to pass on an understanding in its truest form one of the chief reasons for this loss. Our inability to pursue eloquence in speech to articulate the true meaning behind our perception of reality and the philosophies of life. Every understanding counts, because the wolf that hides in the herd is too precious to be let go.

That which comes out of our indistinct expression proves out to be mediocre definitions that have been atrophied by time and repetitiveness. The original idea and the understanding that we’ve managed to draw out remains deep within ourselves, unable to fit in simple expression.

Comprehension without expression is a futile achievement. If one is not able to make at least one of his points clear to others, then that observation goes along the person. What could have been left behind to others perishes along the mortal, into nothingness. No coming back, no retraction. A subtle loss of a piece out of the puzzle.

At such points we turn our faces in search of solutions, or escape. The latter is found in ignorance, where we’ve been hiding all through ages.

While I do not claim to know the solutions to excavate mankind from the doomed state, I have my understandings to speak out. You and I, we not only belong to the crowd, but we also carry banners of this herd, as Mark Twain refers similarly.

Expression comes from the mastery in comprehension, eloquence however is a work of language. The former when touched with a glint of the latter has the tendency to bring out such pieces of theory that perhaps we’ve all been yearning for, what we’re in dire need of.

You think any step towards the great recovery has been taken? I, I don’t know. While there have been masters of expression in every age and era, do we see anything happening?

The art of articulation is a vital element for better human connection, and deeper understanding amongst each other, but still it remains to be such an unattended and ignored issue. Why, because we are barely any conscious to detect such elements.

Our times are being spent well infesting upon the legacy that our foreparents left; not bothering at all to look for anything better by ourselves.

Another truth that runs parallel along all these is that, we don’t care.

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