Top Adult Talent Agency in Miami, FL

Located in Miami, FL, Hussie Models represents both male and female models in the porn star talent agency. To contract our models, studios and individuals must have a legitimate business with proof of a business license. We are NOT amateurs, we conduct our business professionally, and expect the same from those that we work with. We provide female and male models interested in breaking into the adult industry the chance to make excellent money and build their careers. Through bookings that fit your goals, and assistance in building a strong brand and fan-base, we can give you the boost that you need to get your career in the adult industry going! Hussie Models is a Licensed & Bonded Adult Model Agency, primarily providing models to the adult entertainment industry.

Our models can rest assured that they will be comfortable in an environment that is more laid back and personable for newcomers than that of the professional adult industry arena. Hussie Models is a Model Management Company located in Miami, Florida. We cater to an audience of both consumers and studios who are interested in fresh faces, undiscovered talent, and your everyday “girl and guy next door”. We seek people who have never done this type of work before, or those who have done very little.

We’ve worked with hundreds of guys and girls, and maintain a positive reputation within the adult industry because of our experience. We pride ourselves on is our ability to provide opportunities to those who would otherwise have a very difficult time getting their big break in this type of work. We work to develop your brand and assist you with making decision that will advance your career, including finding bookings that fit your goals in the adult industry.

The professional adult industry is becoming increasingly more difficult to break into. Yes, size does make a difference. What we mean is, being a large and well-diversified company, we’re able to offer more opportunities to those who work with us. Not only can we offer video and photo opportunities to our own talent via our own content production, but because of our history and well-known reputation for working with quality male and female amateur talent, we have other studios, both professional and amateur, who regularly seek out our talent– which provides even more avenues for our talent to receive work.

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