a birthday message for my wife

Connecting Dots

When we were young(er) and didn’t know each other
There were firsts that I did not see, like your…
… First tears of sadness
… Exclamation of sheer joy
… Shattered knee
… Toothless smile

Dots on the planet, I am glad…

A start of a new school year. This one vastly different from all of the past ones. Relieved that our children’s school has a solid protocol in place and made the difficult, and right, decision to start out via online learning.

With both kids in high school, we knew this…

a father’s coping with adult son’s estrangement

I called you to share a memory
From a time long ago
Of a ritual we shared
That we called
Love Tokens

Simple plastic discs
About half-dollar sized
Originally used as trinkets
From a gift item received

We kept the pink and red…

a father’s coping with adult son’s estrangement

Someday — Forever, Son

You called me in excitement
In various times of personal triumph
And I was there with you
Sharing in your joy
Or a beer when you were older
Countless times

In your times of doubt or trouble
I was there…

Joseph Husslein

a husband, father and friend sharing life experiences through writings and poetry

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