Finding Peace of Mind

“Being satisfied with who you are” Martin Crowe’s answer when asked about the “meaning of success”. It is really that simple. But the journey to get to that place is always hard. Although Martin Crowe enjoyed celebrity status during his playing days, he had to struggle very hard. Initially, he took upon himself different masks to fake the success and peace. But, that did not save him from the horrors he had been facing.

I, myself, have been having issues with the existing state of affairs in government institutes. As prejudice, the corruption, nepotism and references are the way to go to be successful in Pakistan. This perception may be right, but this is certainly wrong in another way. This gives us negativity and we spread negativity only due to our biases.

In my fight against relatively common biases, I have been trying to see the things positively. If I see someone as incompetent and yet having been hired for a job, I try to see it as that person might have had something in him that might not be apparent to me but is part of his routine life. This idea of looking things with positivity might not sort things out for you, but it will give you a chill pill to concentrate on what is important to you and in your life.

Another way to feel happy is to do some charity or other act of kindness. Personally speaking, this gives me lot of satisfaction because we are by nature programmed to help each other. And helping others really is help yourself.

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