10 UX Principles to Follow for Building High-Converting Landing Pages

If you are looking for fundamental rules and regulation for designing elegant and beautiful landing pages, then you have landed on the right place.

First of all, I would like to briefly explain what does this terminology exactly mean when we say “High-Converting Landing Pages”. Landing Pages are the ones where you need to make your users land in the first place whenever they see your product.

These pages could be different according to your business e.g. a developer may have a “Hire Me” button on his/her website where he/she can convert a visitor to a potential customer for life.

Likewise, a landing page for a business would be that page where the visitors land after watching the product in the first palace.

Now, higher converting landing pages are those pages which can convert maximum number of visitors to customers.

There are very basic and specific principles regarding the designing of nice landing pages.

Believe me if you will follow these rules you will definitely end-up building very beautiful and decent higher-converting landing pages.

UX designing is all about understanding the psychology of the visitors plus technical details inside your landing page.

For sure there will be different visitors on your site, by different I mean visitors from different geographic locations, visitors from different cultures, in short, visitors having different kind of psychology.

You need to pick some general or more specifically some common grounds from visitors point of view.

Here are UX Principles that must be followed in order to build landing pages that sells most.

Okay here is the deal:

Lets take UX principles and divide them into two categories to understand the game.

1. Technical Principles

2. Psychological Principles

Technical Principles:

1. CTA buttons and a descent one-sentence tagline:

When customer want to perform specific tasks like sign up for something or buy an item, and if customer cannot figure it out how do it then customer will leave that page for sure.

So, CTA button must be recognizable on your landing page and there must be a nice and descent one-sentence tagline (about whatever you are selling) that ensure visitors they are going to find what exactly they need when they click on that button.

2. Nice display picture:

There must be a display picture of what you are going to sell your visitors. For example, if you are a developer then there must a professional display picture of yours with a smile on your face.

And let’s say if you are selling a product like some sort of T-shirts then there must be a clear and bright picture of your product.

It will ensure visitors that you are really selling something real.

3. A brief Introduction:

A short description about your product with technical use of words explaining your product firmly in order to make sure that visitors going to buy what they exactly needed.

4. Build for every device

Nowadays, it is very important to build landing pages for every device. You can find here why responsiveness is so important for your website because more then 67 percent users like to purchase via Mobile Friendly Website.

5. Include a search input box:

It is very important that you include a search box. It means you are facilitating your visitors with something extra and that will keep them on your landing page.

Psychological Principles:

6. Don’t impose selling — Guide:

Every visitor that will land on your page wanted to know if your product can solve their problem or not, if yes they are definitely going to buy your product.

So, you don’t need to impose anything like if you have added a lot of CTA buttons on the page but less information about the product, believe me it never going to sell anything.

When you make your visitors feel like you are guiding them and helping them solving their problem then they are definitely going to benefit you in return.

Here you can find Olivia for a fantastic example.

Don’t just say ‘the old lady screamed.’ Bring her on and let her scream.

–Samuel Clemens, aka, Mark Twain

7. Let the number speak for you:

Here is a very good quote featuring the importance of numbers:

In ancient times they had no statistics so they had to fall back on lies.

–Stephen Leacock

When you use statistics on your page that will automatically make visitors believe about the truthfulness of your product.

Remember, statistics provided by your real customers will increase the worth what you are offering, so try to include statistics from your own customers.

Here is the perfect example of Slack regarding the use of statistics.

8. Keep it simple:

A very simple yet important point is to keep your design simple. Tell me, what it will be like that your page has a very super cool design but not enough information about the product that you are selling?

Here, the deal is not to convince them that you have best designing skills rather the real deal is to convince them enough about your product that converts them to buyers. So, keep it as simple as you can.

9. Pro tip — Become the User:

You are always unaware of the situation of others until you put yourself into their shoes.

It is very important to think like user while designing your landing page. In this way you can find out what user would exactly like to see.

For this, first of all find out who the users are?

Then think accordingly. You can also use Google Analytics to further digging into user’s behaviors.

10. Finally Testing User Experience

The picture below describes the user experience in real time. It is very likely that you will also get the same results until or unless you have not tested your design.

Again you need to become user and test. Then generate results and make changes accordingly.


No one really knows how a group of people would react to a specific design.

But if you will follow these principles you are very likely to put yourself in a situation where you will find out about user’s.

Remember the UX of landing pages is an art and most of its part relies on your understanding of the users.

Originally published at hussnainmahmood.com.