Iron Yard Day 2 (10/18)

After a restless night of sleep and a morning of about 6 or 7 snoozes, day two was underway. Main topic of the day, CSS. I had been pretty excited for this part leading up to the course because I am very interested on how to design and change the look of websites. I think that is a very important part of any UX or UI design career. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet and is used with HTML code to help create something that isn't just black and white text. There are hundreds of different elements that can be used so I would be lying if I wasn't slightly intimidated at first. We were introduced to a series of videos which helped with a few of the more commonly used lines of code. The series of videos were titled A to Z CSs. I wont go into each letter but I will give you some of my favorite points that were talked about.

A-uto - I like auto because it can make things pretty easy and it kind of already does considering that it is the default attribute for a few things already like height and width. It is nice because it will adjust to the size of the page as well.

F-loat - Float is something I had knew a little about before watching these videos but I wasn't aware of the clear property. Which is very useful when it comes to having multiple columns on your page. Floating objects allows other items to move around them and clear creates basically and invisible barrier that doesn't allow them to do that.

H-over - Hover is one of the more intriguing attributes because there are so many things that it can be used for. It helps styles states of an object. It can change how somethings look when they are about to be clicked or hovered over.But beware terminal and mobile users, you need to have a mouse for this to work.

In lab, we started to work on one of our first projects, cloning our first website to practice our CSS and html skills. Even though my face will look like the following, I just want to reassure people that I am highly enjoying every minute of class.

See everyone tomorrow!

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