Iron Yard Day 5 (10/21)

Week one is in the books and happy to say I survived..

So our first week of class wrapped up today with some coding, frustrations, drinks and laughs. Fridays are all day labs to work on assignments. There are a few other things we did during the day. We started the day with a group discussion talking about how the week went. Our group is pretty awesome cause we are all pretty open and seem to get along really well. We are kind of able to just talk out loud during lab and help each other out and if some one is plugged in then we can give them the space they need. Most of us wrapped up our second clone site that focuses on positioning of the sites elements. There were a few struggles using padding and margins with pixels instead of percentages and grouping of certain divs. The next site that will be taking up my Saturday has a few other features I haven’t seen yet so I’m excited to learn something new.

We ended class with Iron Pints and a few games Fibbage. Its a trivia game where everyone puts in a lie that tries to get the other players to believe that it is the true answer. Finished dead last in the first game but ended up in the middle in the second game, apparently lying is not my strong suit.

I am excited to see what week two brings, hopefully some Javascript. I am hoping to blog on days we don’t have class, more than likely about non-class related stuff, so stay tuned. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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