Why Having A Girl Squad Makes Life Better

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This is a love letter to the girls in my life who I have been fortunate enough to call friends. To the members of my girl squad, in case I haven’t said it enough I love you all. I love our talks, our adventures, and even our arguments. I am grateful for the ways in which we have added value to each other’s life. I am blessed by the sisterly bonds we have formed. Even when life gets busy and I don’t get to spend time with you like I would want, please know it’s never because you have fallen out of my heart.

To my girl squad I want to say thank you. Thank you for making life more complete. Thank you for opening your ears to my many stories. Thank you for letting me cry when I needed it. Thank you for opening your homes to me when I needed a safe space. Thank you for never letting me struggle alone. For all the generosity, all the advice, and the support I am grateful. Thank you for always giving me a reason to be positive.

There have been many times when I don’t know how I would have made it had it not been for my girl squad. For any woman traveling the road of life alone, I am here to tell you picking up a few true girlfriends along the way will make the road much more enjoyable to travel. Your squad is your love base, your support and when needed the people who will push you the hardest to reach your goals.

Your girlfriends are a reflection of you, so if you are an ambitious boss woman your squad should mirror you. When strong women come together powerful things happen. Whether your girl squad are your blood sisters or relatives, colleagues that became friends, or former classmates your relationship with these women is worth investing in.

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I have been fortunate to have experienced friendship from many different women. The bonds I share with each individual woman is a rare, irreplaceable thing. I wouldn’t trade these relationships for the world. I lost two really influential women in my life this month, and my heart aches at the loss. I do however, take solace in knowing that I was truly blessed to have been able to call such amazing souls friends. Friendship is in fact a rare gift, one we should never take for granted or get too busy to appreciate.

Girlfriends are the sisters we get to choose, and I believe every woman benefits from having a strong circle of women around her. To my friends who are girls, thank you for being my wind I love you all dearly.

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Originally published at www.girlgetit.com on August 5, 2016.

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