5 Steps To Loving The Gym.

Or A Step By Step Guide On How To Create A Caffeine Addiction.

  1. The Thought

So you’ve decided you want to workout. There’s a few reasons people decide to begin; whether it be to lose weight, gain muscle or just look better to attract the opposite sex. In reality, it doesn’t matter to anybody else why you’re beginning, keep it in your head and whenever you’re thinking about quitting or giving up just come back to that thought that made you start. You might be scared or embarrassed or intimidated but you’ll never get anywhere by letting that stop you.

2. Now what?

You’ve decided to start. Cool. Now you’ve got a lot of options ahead of you and there’s going to be a lot of information, both right and wrong, that’s out there on the internet for you to look at. And you should. You should read everything because it’s not just a matter of working out for a few weeks or months and then Boom! Goal achieved. Mission complete. It’s a lifestyle change. Of course, there are lots of different quick and simple programs and plans that will get you to a set goal within a certain time frame but they all require one key ingredient: consistency. So do your research, pick a program and get started.

3. The First Day

So by this point, you’ve picked your program based on your desired outcome and you’re excited and nervous about getting into the gym to do all those weird leg exercises and arm movements you’ve seen on YouTube and in GIFs. One of the biggest things that puts people off going to the gym is other people. So many people are scared of looking silly or being embarrassed to be doing things they’re unsure of. It’s human nature. The thing you’ve got to remember is that that’s how the old you thought. You don’t want to be that guy anymore. You want to be better. So be better. Get in to the gym, pick up the dumbbells and start replicating what you’ve seen online. The vast majority of people in the gym are in the exact same boat as you and those that aren’t are the guys and girls that have passed that step and are chasing their goals and desired outcomes. Get in there and be confident.

4. Inevitable Failure

Now, you may have read the title to this step and you’re thinking “that’s not very confident”, but hear me out. Once you’ve got past the fear of embarrassment the idea of being a new gym goer is actually quite fun. You’ll drop into conversation that you’re on your way to the gym or that you’ve had a tough workout. That’s fine, it’s called pride. But, as per the title of this point, for 99% of people there will come a point where the honeymoon stage ends and you’re no longer running on the high of being a new gym goer. You’re sore, you’re tired and you’re bored of getting up early or staying up late and travelling to the gym, spending time there getting more sore and more tired and then travelling home only to repeat the exact same steps in a day or two. This is absolutely fine, it’s part and parcel in creating a new habit. This is the step that most people will drop off on and go straight back to step 1. Don’t be like most people, be better. That’s why you started isn’t it?

5. Rinse & Repeat

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve been working out for a few months now, you might’ve hit your weight goal or finished the first cycle of the program you chose. The trick to it all is that it doesn’t end here. It doesn’t end anywhere. Like it says at the beginning, this is a life style change. But don’t worry, once you’ve come this far you’ve done the hard part. Now you’ve just got to stick to what you’ve learned and keep on pushing forward. Once you’ve hit your goals, set new ones and then hit those too. There really is no limit to what you can do now.

You’ve climbed the mountain. Instead of being satisfied and going home, pick a bigger mountain.