Blockchain Agnosticism — building bridges and making friends…

Here at the Hut, whilst it’s all systems go on the token sale front, with our small (but growing) team pulling out all the stops to complete the token sale as smoothly and elegantly as possible, our labs are also bubbling away, and we wanted to share some recent research / dev work we’ve been kicking around in regard to the core Hut34 protocol.

Strength through diversity, not ‘one blockchain to rule them all’ !

Greater than the sum of its parts — the Hut34 Philosophy

Entropy — ENTRP — the token which powers the Hut34 Network, is an ERC20 compliant token on the ethereum blockchain, something you probably already knew. The ethereum blockchain is hugely powerful, and a very good fit for the ‘monetise’ layer of the Hut Protocol, which delivers the 4 key planks of ‘Connect, Route, Resolve and Monetise’.

However, the creation of an open data marketplace, allowing bots, devices, A.I.s (and even people!) to connect to each other, becoming greater than the sum of their parts doesn’t depend per se on the specific strengths of the ethereum blockchain. The value of the network however is dependent on the number of connections within it (see our previous article for exciting info on how exponential the growth of value within such a network can be!).

In order to ensure the broadest possible access to the network, we’ve connected with a number of NEO developers, and taken great interest in exploring the possibilities it brings to the table.

Connected networks display exponential growth in value

NEO is a blockchain with a huge network in China, and beyond, and we’re excited to be developing cutting edge technology to allow bridges between NEO and ethereum — in what may well be a world first — we can’t wait to show you under the hood in further technical posts to come :)

Both NEO and Ethereum are formidable technologies with incredible power to act as a catalyst for positive change in the world — but it’s our firm belief that as in many things, it really is a case of ‘better together’.

Hut34 is proud to be a citizen of the blockchains…. Ethereum and NEO thus far — Is there anOther sTrong cAndidate soon to come?

So whilst we’re excited with our bridge building and hardcore blockchain dev, the token sale continues, and we’re in to our last 2 weeks — you have approx 5 days to secure ENTRP at a rate of 517 per ETH before our final price rise, head over here to secure your ENTRP today!

Onwards and Hutwards!

The above post was made during the Entropy Token sale. To particpate in the Hut34 ecosystem, ENTRP tokens can now be purchased at;

(1) RadarRelay
(2) ForkDelta!/trade/ENTRP-ETH
(3) Token.Store