Bridges, APIs, super-intelligence, and the friendliest Hut34 platform in the world

Welcome to post 4 in of 7 in the days before the Hut34 Entropy Token Sale ends. It’s a beautiful Sunday here in Sydney, and the sale closes at midnight on Wednesday night / Thursday morning — that’s 00:00 UTC on 7th December to be precise!

Bridges make connections, and connections add value. In Sydney, we appreciate this daily!

Being post 4, you might say that we’re over half way there on our countdown but that may be a mild overdose of big hair and soft rock, so we’ll focus on the topic of this post — how interconnectivity, and specifically blockchain agnosticism along with open API architecture is at the core of Hut34’s approach to building the first distributed network where data, information, and services can be exchanged and monetised fairly by all.

Our previous article on blockchain agnosticism detailed how we’re working with NEO developers on building connections to allow the Hut34 economy to extend across to that community and blockchain. We also hinted strongly about a future partnership with IOTA —we’re really excited by their ‘tangle’ technology, which we would categorise as unproven, but revolutionary in potential.

With strong first principles, and a network designed to optimise connectivity, data, traffic and value follows….

Moving forward, the Hut34 team will work on two distinct streams to power the project forwards, in ways which in our estimation drive the growth of the project most efficiently and powerfully.

Firstly, we will continue to build on our centralised approach to the Hut34 Platform. We expect to be able to attract corporate clients, generate revenue, push the technology forward, and most importantly drive connections to the network by taking this more traditional approach, and we’ll share more about our technology decisions in this area as we go.

Essentially, this approach builds on the platform which 30+ dev.s are currently exploring, and pushes it out to a wider audience. Having a ‘best practice’ API available, also enables us to meet commercial realities / needs in the short and mid term without requiring mid / top tier business to pivot strongly towards the blockchain.

And speaking of the blockchain, we’re keen to point out that a centralised software programme doesn’t carry any tension at all with cutting edge blockchain dev which will represent the open source Hut34 Network releases.

Peter Godbolt spoke with Darryl Morris at some length recently convering some of the the great strides Darryl is making in the development of ‘Sandal Straps’ — broadly speaking, an ethereum blockchain application framework — and we’re hugely bullish concerning this outstanding technical work, and will continue to support it asthe Hut34 Network moves to a release.

All in all, what we hope you take from the above is that the Hut34 team are pragmatic and professional. That the project itself has a range of technical needs, but doesn’t inherently demand a specific solution. That Hut34 is all about connectivity, and building product which can be ‘greater than the sum of its parts’

In our view, 2018 will be a watershed moment in the development of crypto and rational economies — with product layers such as Hut34 using the blockchain(s) to deliver on their enormous promise. First Satoshi, and laterly Vitalik and others have made the improbable possible, and we intend to push with all of our resources to breathe life into the open data network.

To support and participate in the Hut34 ecosystem, Entropy Tokens ENTRP can be purchased at or etherdelta. We are strong supporters of the decentralised exchange paradigm, with more exciting developments to come!

Don’t miss out on joining the network at this early stage — we’d love to have you along for the ride!

Onwards and Hutwards!