Byzantium 2 — The Revenge of the Timeline

The short version of the following is that we’re pushing back the token sale for a further 2 weeks, to accommodate both the Byzantium hard fork, and ensure a robust project in terms of regulation and compliance. We will launch November 2nd, with our presale open now (contact us for further information). Now sit back and relax, and read on for the longer version!

The Byzantium hard fork on the Ethereum blockchain is now confirmed for block 4,370,000, a little later than originally planned, and now beautifully timed to coincide with the launch of our token sale!

We’re not expecting significant network disruption, but in our view, it’s wise to allow some time to elapse between such a significant update and the launch of our token sale. In addition, following some robust testing and feedback, you’ll have noted that we have simplified our model considerably — less complexity offers greater clarity and security across the board for our smart contracts.

You can learn more about the upcoming Ethereum hard fork here;

Meanwhile, down here in Hut34 it’s vital for us to achieve full regulatory compliance for our sale. The Entropy Foundation is an Australian company, ACN : 622 139 922, and as such participants can be highly confident that not only are we following best practice in terms of token sales, but there are the additional protections of sensible ‘rule of law’ nation state setting the base ground rules of all corporate behaviour.

Australia’s equivalent of the SEC, ‘ASIC’ recently published an information sheet in regard to ICOs and the application of the Corporations Act 2001;

We’ve been working to ensure that we’re ahead of the game in terms of our compliance with the above, and this is bearing fruit in our growing relationships within the traditional finance community — watch this space for more announcements, and more detail….

Onwards and hutwards!

The Hut34 Team

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