Hut34 this week.

14th August 2017

It’s been a busy week for the team here. We have been doing a bunch of experiments & further development, we will include links to some of this next week.

The devs have been further building The Hut34 Platform Alpha release. The purpose of this is to allow a small select group of interested Bot Developers to join in on testing different elements of the platform in a sandbox environment. Call out if you are interested in contributing. We already have a jokebot, weatherbot and Elwood (for all things Hut34 and Entropy Token Sale) conversing on the platform across multiple channels. You can ask weatherbot a joke, jokebot something about Entropy tokens, etc. We are excited to get you on this so you can see what it can do.

Peter, Tim and Chris Pratt* have been modelling the maths behind the sale dynamics. We want to create a fair token sale structure, minimising impediments to participation whilst also generating a fair market value for our tokens. *Chris is an energy trader that has come into Hut34 as an advisor. He is a maths guy, super smart (like the rest of our team) and his extensive experience will allow us some detailed insights and advice into marketplace dynamics. He will write something here in the coming weeks. Progress continues on the build and audit of our auction smart contracts and we will have more on this in the coming days and weeks.

Elwood is our bot for all things Hut34 and the Entropy token sale. He is available to chat on our Slack channel, he is early days and he is still learning, why not try him out and help us make him smarter and smarter. We named Elwood after Claude Elwood Shannon, who in-case you didn’t know it is the creator of Shannon’s, or information, Entropy, and American colleague of Alan Turing. Our unit of information exchange is the Entropy token. Poor Elwood doesn’t have a face, so for the creatives out there we welcome any graphic ideas. I’ll write a little more about our choice of names in a couple of days.

I’ve been working on the messaging of our communications. We have a lot of ambition for Hut34, it will do a lot of awesome things and give plenty of people opportunity to monetise their ideas. Our communications challenge is getting some media cut-through, grabbing your interest and inspiring you to get involved as importantly motivating token enthusiasts to get involved in the token sale so we can continue to build an awesome ecosystem. I’m also working on review of our web-page with this in mind, simply my goal is for you all understand what we are about in a few moments, once you do that, you will realise how awesome Hut34 will be.

Work also continues on blockchain integration, we’re tracking well to be able to demonstrate data flowing to and from some testnet and mainnet demonstration smart contracts on the ethereum blockchain. Obviously much of the work around privacy, security etc. will form significant milestones post-our token sale. We’re in the foothills of development at this point, largely considering concepts such as keeping gas costs low, and ensuring Hut34 doesn’t have the properties of a network attack!

The revised Whitepaper is out, check it out on Github.

We have been listed on a range of sites, to name a few; thank-you Tokenmarket, Coingecko, CryptoCentral, Smith & Crown, UrbanCrypto, ICObench, the-blockchain, token data, and altcoin news, if you are reading this.

People are starting to connect on our slack channel, reaching out on twitter and connecting through web. Pre-sale early birds discussions are underway with some interested parties, if you have an interest in a considerable token purchase – please reach out we would love to chat.

Chat soon!

Nick R.