Today, I wanted to start to off with a little about me. I am currently a part children’s therapist at a local non-profit agency. I have been in the field for years and my experience is actually what led me to want to start this crazy journey into foster mommy-hood. I had an in-home case that was so painful I decided that when I was ready I was going to be the foster mom that this kid needed for every other kid I could possibly help. A year ago, on Halloween to be exact, I finally made good on my promise to myself and started the supposedly 120 day process of becoming a foster parent. Fast forward many, many more days and lots of stressful weeks/months to the end of August 2016 when I FINALLY received my approval. So much could be said about the process and maybe one day I will bring myself to write about that process. I am currently on my second placement and have been through a roller coaster of emotions every minute. I am finding it difficult to have an outlet and find support online. Hopefully telling my stories with a professional take on what I’m doing right and oh so wrong will inspire others or at least help me feel a little less alone in foster mommy-hood.

I hope you all enjoy the ride with me and that I can provide some laughs, love, and support along the way.

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