What a whirlwind the last 2 days have been. We went from anxiously waiting for what felt like forever, to TWINS. TWINS the night before Thanksgiving. The original call came at 4:30. They got here at 8:30 with one trash bag and no dinner. Lots of running around and a call to PerformCare later, the workers left and we had twins. The workers told us they had zero structure at home, no bedtime routine, no food routine, that they are picky eaters and almost nothing else. We finally got them calm enough to sleep at 11:00. The crying was constant until 12 and off and on until 2:00am. Poor thing just wanted her mommy.

I go through the trash bag and realize they have 1 shirt a piece and some pants. Also, their shoes are at least 2 sizes too big. Luckily, they have jackets and hats. So, I put out a Facebook post and had clothes at my door step within hours. If there was one thing I could stress to fellow foster parents, it is to make sure you have a damn good support system and utilize it. But, my goodness, did mine blow me away yesterday. The kids now had fresh outfits for Thanksgiving dinner and new toys to play with in the room. So, so, thankful for the amazing people in my life.

Dinner was overwhelming to say the least. It was the biggest holiday we've done in years. 22 people, 4 families, no other kiddos for the twins to play with but they did amazing. They brought toys, sat in the back room, and played for hours. We talked about how many people it would be, that it may he loud, and had a plan in place. My parents came to meet them before we went over as well so, I did the necessary prep work but, we all know it could have gone much differently.

We relaxed watching a show and then came bedtime again. We started at 8:30 and they were ASLEEP by 9:30. The tears were not as intense and we talked it out a lot better "can you just take us to mommy's when it's the sunny day?" (Thays what she calls daytime I've come to learn), I tell her the worker is coming tomorrow and we'll ask her all the questions. It seems to help and she calms down until she remembers I didn't leave the big light on. "So when it's the sunny day I want that light on not the blue light", "but you're ok with the blue light tonight", "yea".. out cold.

Sleep felt amazing, we only had one wake up in the middle of the night for potty, so it felt like a full night. We woke up well rested, confident, and ready to take it all on.

Now, to see what the worker has to say today....

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