Taking your Walkman for a walk

Source: The Verge

With technology growing at an enormous rate, new technological devices are being created daily to help ease the lives of individuals. When looking closely at a timeline of historic technological devices that have changed the way individuals perceive their lives, the Walkman by Sony is to be highly noted, which had transformed the way individuals had received their music. Before the creation of iPods and Mp3 players or even smartphones, individuals had relied heavily on the Walkman. The Walkman was a music listening device created by Sony in the late 1970s which made listening to music portable. The term “Walkman” literally refers to what the product is, which is a CD player that you take with you on your walks.

When tracing the Walkman back to its origins, it is noted that co-founder Masaru Ibuka had shaped and transformed how individuals in the 1970s perceived their music. Ibuka had a vision where he wanted the ability to listen to music while he was on his frequent flight trips. Sony had marketed the “Walkman” and made the product a product that carried value. Individuals who had possessed the Sony Walkman during the 1970s had indicated that they were up to date with technology and were early adopters who were fond of music. When Sony first introduced their product to the market, many critics had claimed their product will fail due to the fact that the Walkman did not give individuals the ability to record. Despite the criticism that the Walkman had received, they had generated over 50 million sales through their 10 years of operation, which clearly reveals it was a successful invention. The main reason the Walkman is surpassed in today’s current time is due to music becoming much more digital.

The creation of the Walkman was to be considered revolutionary, where the product was introduced to the markets at the time where individuals were stuck with the option of listening to music via CDs in their car or listening to the radio. The Walkman had allowed individuals to be able to walk or jog to wherever they desire while having the ability to listen to the music of their choice. When considering the success of Sony and their product, the Walkman it was seen that Sony had hit their peak in sales, right up to the point to where music finally became digital.

Source: Apple

The success of the Walkman had ended when individuals were faced with an option of purchasing music through various mediums such as Itunes which became much more convenient and allowed music corporations to produce less hard copies of music which were a risk when buyers didn’t buy it. With Itunes being created and being the main focus of music now, music companies take a minimal risk by releasing a track due to the fact that it is digital and can be accessed via customers through Itunes.

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