The Quislings of American Collapse
umair haque

Thanks Umair,

That is a perspective that I hadn’t looked at yet. I think most of your observations are correct. The powerful masculine paradigm in Russia is indeed cruel, on par with fundamentalist religious paradigms.

There are other reasons that many people are looking towards Russia for inspiration: Their leader replies to questions with clear, researched and concise answers. In comparison most western leaders are spouting useless rhetoric at best and inciting hatred towards other world leaders at worst. It is very rare to get a straight answer from party politicians. Another reason people are looking towards Russia for possible solutions to our war ravaged lands is that Russia is not bombing innocent people in many countries around the world. Who could trust a country or it’s government who are doing that?

So there we have two ways to make people respect America again: Have a leader who speaks to his or her people as though they are intelligent and stop destroying other countries. It would only take a fraction of the military budget to rebuild America’s infrastructure and build a caring, inclusive society that everyone will be proud of.