Trump administration suddenly pulls plug on teen pregnancy programs

And here was me thinking that The Scarlet Letter was a novel! an admonition to the religious fanaticism of the early settlers. I guess us ‘non-Mericans’ just don’t get it. How can such crazy religious thinking dominate both an entire political party but a nation? Why should a bunch of old men dictate that health programs for young people should be based on concepts like abstinence? Programs that have demonstrably failed – repeatedly.

To an outsider like me it smacks of punishment meted out to sub-humans. Those who do not have the mental capacity to follow the God-given rules of chastity and obeisance. These are fairly normal young people following the urges of their teenage years, but without the adult guidance they should get to protect themselves from disastrous circumstances escapades.

Haven’t we all made mistakes? I did. Did these GOP religious charlatans lead blameless lives of self denying chastity? Did they have to shave the palms of their hands on a regular basis to prevent their parents and peers from observing the consequences of their self directed lust?

I, and I think, many others outside America, I won’t be Trumpian in asserting a majority, find it almost beyond belief that this kind of warped thinking still dominates politics and society in America. Why is it that, mainly the poor and less resourced are punished in this way?

It appears to me as if a mass sickness of religiosity afflicted America some time ago and no one has found the antidote that will lead to rational thinking and assisting young people to lead lives not blighted by the mistakes of their formative years. And they are mistakes not crimes, not moral lapses, just normal badly timed decisions. God help America!

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