The Crossroads in Energy Policy
Mike Lee

The article is typical of the blinkered thinking, driven to a large extent, by a concern for his own welfare rather than that of those who he claims to champion.

He completely ignores the mounting scientific evidence on climate change, caused by the exploitation of carbon fuels, the consequent destruction of the natural environment through devastation of a most precious resource, water, and the other elements that support life on this fragile planet.

Why? At a guess I would say that his first allegiance is to the coal companies which probably fund his reelection campaigns, not the workers he claims to champion.

Left to the individual states the decision would be to exploit resources to death with a cost not only to the local economy and environment but to every other living thing on earth. Why should the misinformed decisions of a single State government be allowed to override the welfare and safety of every other State and nation in the world?

Look to where the coal industry has already withdrawn its operations, largely because there are no more profits to be mined. What has the coal industry done to assist the workforce it abandoned? What has it done to restore the devastated land and waterscapes? You can answer that for yourselves, just look around.

Look also at the societal devastation, the incidence of substance abuse, the health problems left over from mining and the lack of adequate health facilities in former coal mining areas. Who is left to pick up the pieces? This devious government the author denigrates, the government to which mining companies have probably paid as little tax as they could get away with. The Obama government, which at least tried to provide basic health cover for all Americans. A dastardly socialist intervention into the freedoms Americans grant themselves. The freedom to live in poverty, to die unnecessarily of health conditions other civilised western nations have largely done away with thanks to universal welfare and health schemes paid for out of taxes: taxes which are at best optional for America’s dominant corporations. The very corporations which no doubt support the author’s sinecure in the Senate.

The carbon issue is one for all nations to consider and act on without the corrupting influence of corporate money buying the fealty of weak politicians. Unfortunately there are too many weak politicians who subscribe to the whatever will keep me in power philosophy. Those who in many cases are also motivated by archaic religious convictions on other current issues.

It should be evident to even these blinkered pawns of mammon that there are alternatives to the use of coal and other carbon based fuels. Alternatives that would offer better, cleaner, safer employment to their constituents; if only they would seek out the skills to operate in the new economy. They call themselves the forgotten people according to the propaganda spewed by the Trump forces during the last presidential election.

What they appear to refuse to acknowledge is that they have forgotten themselves. They have forgotten that they are free to pursue other avenues of employment, free to progress through education into the new post-industrial world. They like the author are blinkered by the ‘this is the way we have always earned a living’ goggles. Why should we change just because the world around us has changed! The rest of America owes us a living even though our employment is destroying not only America but the entire world.

The most egregious (apparently Americans like that word) sin here is that the author has forsaken all reason and responsibility in his diatribe to earn status with his masters. His approach is devoid of rationality, distorts or ignores facts and makes fools of those on who’s behalf he claims he is writing.

God save America, from charlatans like him.

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