Things I Enjoyed Reading/Writing In 2016

Greg Barnett at Le Pub.


Here are some things that I enjoyed reading this year:

Tegan and Sara are from the future (by Laura Snapes for Buzzfeed)

  • I love everything about this profile. (And it helps that ‘Love You To Death’ is another bulletproof LP in an increasingly long line of bulletproof Tegan and Sara LPs.)

A night in Bruce Springsteen’s America (by Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib for MTV)

  • I could have picked any one of his columns for MTV from this year (hat tip to this on the Wonder Years and this on Phife Dawg) as they’re all stellar.

Vince Staples, Regular Genius (by Jeff Weiss for The Fader)

  • ‘Prima Donna’ was great and I could listen to Vince Staples talk for days.

DiS does V Festival (and has an existential crisis) (by Kate Solomon for Drowned in Sound)

  • Deeply funny and captures the apparent V misery so sharply that I hope I never end up there: “I am no longer open to new experiences or willing to queue for a drink.”

Men Explain Music To Me (by Kim Kelly for Noisey)

  • Music dudes: the worst. Skewered.

This Is The End: The Dillinger Escape Plan Prepare To Sign Off With ‘Dissociation’ (by Alec Chillingworth for Stereoboard)

  • I know Alec was/is gutted about Dillinger breaking up and that shines through here. Also, it’s a great interview with Puciato.

The Disrespectful Dunk Index (by Shea Serrano for The Ringer)

  • I don’t know anything about basketball, but I do know I’m 100% on board for more articles about ‘the fun kind of disrespectful’.

Leonard Cohen Makes It Darker (by David Remnick for The New Yorker)

  • Incredible writer meets fascinating subject. Cohen was a one off.

And here’s some stuff I enjoyed working on this year: