If you are reading this, you’re probably already sold on the idea of livestreaming your event. If you are here just out of curiosity, it’s going to pay off. Trust me.

Livestreaming your event is something that’s becoming more mainstream these days. Its popularity among digital marketers, for example, has spiked this year. The stats for gamers is even more insane.

For someone who already knows the tremendous marketing benefits of livestreaming, this comes as no surprise. But if you are still on the fence on the whole idea of streaming your events to your audience live, that’s alright.

I’ll give you a gentle nudge in a nutshell. Then we’ll dive into the ‘how’. …

There is something you want. You have a dream, vision, or there’s something you want to achieve by a particular time. But you are missing an important ingredient for achievement. You are missing drive, fire, zeal… that force that keeps you pushing forward. You are missing motivation.

In the morning you wake up but the thought of the things you have to do for the day drowns you deeper into your bed. You know you need motivation in order to be successful at work, school, or that idea you’re building. But you just want to go back to sleep.

You’ve got a problem. Lucky for you, you’re about to get some tips on how you can wake up motivated to achieve your goals, especially on those mornings when you don’t feel like it. …

Desktop as a service (DaaS) is one of the best ways businesses can virtualize their IT department and remove the geographical barrier that comes with on-premises Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Leveraging on desktop cloud computing, you can cut costs and divert your IT talent to other projects while outsourcing IT services to the right Desktop-as-a-Service provider.

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What is DaaS (Desktop as a Service) and Why Do You Need It?

To grasp the concept of DaaS, you need to know what VDI (Virtual desktop infrastructure) means. VDI is a technology in which desktop service and environments are hosted by a central server and access given to end-users (or clients) to use it.

Normally, this is done on-premises. But like everything else in technology, there’s been a significant upgrade: How about letting a third party handle your VDI while you concentrate fully on running your business? That is Desktop-as-a-service. …


Uwemedimo Usa

Uwemedimo Usa is a content writer and copywriter with Acetechwriter.com. He loves to read and write about tech. Reach out on twitter @huwehm.

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