So long Labour, and thanks for all the guilt.
Kate Godfrey

I am quite mystified by this. What is this “grey chill of Corbynism”? Who on earth has been advocating Mao’s red book, or the examples of Libya or East Germany? I get the impression that you are mistaking for truth the Daily Mail/Daily Telegraph account of what Corbyn and Macdonnell are about — but why on earth would you do that? It makes no sense.

And this talk of “bullying”…! It may be that some in Momentum come across as aggressive, I don’t know — but I would suggest that that is because they are incensed by the ruthless (and anti-democratic) way so many on the right of the PLP have colluded with the Tories and the Tory-supporting media in deliberately misrepresenting and undermining Corbyn. Tony Blair declaring that Corbyn’s supporters need a heart transplant — is that not a form of bullying?

By all means engage with and argue against Corbyn’s proposed policies — that is exactly the kind of politics he has been calling for, after all — but don’t just misrepresent and smear them as some kind of nostalgia for life behind the Iron Curtain. That’s just grotesque, and makes you look foolish — or unprincipled.

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