Father, Professor

8-hour-lecture, 4-hour-sleep daily. Homework. Coding. Group project. Part-time job. Charity class. Me — sometime, somewhere.

This week, one unexpected email received, one moment I dropped myself. Something brought me back. Something inside. The more I try, the more I know how important my attitude is. Yeah, I do move forward. Slowly but it doesn’t matter.

I have a new professor, who will host me for my 3-month-internship. I spend about 12 hours seeing him everyday. How much I feel he is like my relative, like my father. How much he inspires me to become a scientist.
I’m very thankful for knowing him and Prof. Tanaka who always believe in me, give me nice words and support my academic career.

Sometimes, I dream about the day coming so soon, I can walk around the place where my father had been 9 years ago, meet his old friends and talk about our common interest in cancer research.

I feel like I am following in my father’s footsteps. It’s hardcore, of course. It means alone somehow. It’s still good though. Maybe I’m not an attractive girl and I do let a tear fall, but I dare to chase my passion at least.