Danang to Hue distence

The distance from Danang to hue to go how many km? Go from Danang to Hue? By what means? How long it takes?

Let choose Da nang to Hue with hoiantravel to use best transport service.
This DichungTaxi article will help you answer the questions above. The city of hue is about 100 kilometers from Danang, you’ll lose games 2 hours to 2 hours and 30 minutes to move. There are 5 vehicles most convenient that you can choose to go from Danang to Hue is:
The bus
Moving from Da Nang, Hue travel
Coach of Da Nang-Hue

Coach is a popular choice when moving from Da Nang City take Hue. You can ride out the Hue with high quality car of the Opentour specialist or out of Danang bus to catch the coach goes out Hue.
Some shuttle Danang-Hue as the coach of local pages, coach Hanh Café, garage Born Tourist, bus Tastes of flowers, … with the usual price is 90,000 Dong per trip. There are also a number of high-quality brands like coach HAV Limousine Hue Tourist guests, … with prices from 140,000 to 150,000 copper copper a lift.
But what is the downside?
When moving with the car, the car will go Hai Van tunnel so you don’t admire are natural beauty.
Taxi Da Nang-Hue

Taxis are also an option is very convenient to go from Danang to Hue. However over 100 km, the price is not cheap. Usually a 5-seat Taxi to hue is 1,150,000 VND (one way, 100 km) and 1.5 million dong (two dimensional, 200 km); 8 seat taxis is 1,250,000 (one way) and 1.7 million dong (two way).
With the route from Da Nang-hue, you can use the generic cheap taxi service of DichungTaxi at the price of saving only from 180,000 vehicles about enough copper Hue. You can consult the details of the price from Danang to hue DiChungTaxi’s ride.
With the form of the General taxi Ride, passengers will save at least 40% less than regular taxi rates that you still enjoy the best taxi service. You can put the car right here:
Only from 180,000 VND variety of taxis from Danang to Hue

The train Da Nang-Hue

The railway from Danang to hue train station about 103 km, seven ships including SE2., SE4, SE6, SE8, SE20, SE22, and TN2. The types of chairs including the hard Chair, soft seat, hard lie (6-bed compartment) and soft (4-bed compartment), called the cabin. Each cabin is designed with air and comfortable seating. Train fares usually from 35,000 to 90,000 by copper brass ship and different kinds of chairs.
An interesting point when cruise is that you will be enjoying the beautiful scenery of the range of the Hai Van pass and see the many other beautiful scenery where the train runs through.

Motorbikes of Da Nang-Hue

You can also move by motorcycles, especially with those you love to go phượt. If your ride from Da Nang, Hue and back out, you can go the way of the pass or tunnel.
Go from Danang out Hue

If follow the Hai Van pass, you can stop at the back pass to lang co, Sanju, … This will be a very interesting experiences. However, this section of the road is also easy going bad robbery should you need to be careful. If you follow the pass then best not to go in the morning is too early or too late at night because it will not be safe.

If the tunnel, you run the car to close the tunnel, sending the motorcycles at the Office of management of Hai Van pass tunnel. The truck will take your motorbike through the door on the other side of the tunnel, and you’ll ride transit and get back to the car at the mouth of the tunnel on the other side.
Da Nang-Huế bus

Currently there are public bus routes go from Danang to hue specialist. However, a number of private cars has also developed bus service to facilitate passengers. Some bus services you can consult such as:

Open Bus services of Daily Travel: 16–30–45 seats from 08 h 30 departure from Danang to hue m on ỗi, welcome guests in hotels or private homes. This is the new tourist vehicles, have drinking water on the car. The car takes visitors all the scheduled tour destinations, the self-sufficient buy tickets visit and eat. At each destination guides will timer focus to welcome guests for your next cruise, looking to take the extra troop costs 50,000 guides/tour package or will it cost 750,000/.

Danangtravelmart’s bus: bus 1 from Da Nang City take Hue. There are 2 trips 1 day: Breakfast at 8.30 am and Pm comes at 14 h 30. The fare is VND 150,000, take the place of the hotel in the city of Da Nang.

There are also a number of other airlines. Basically, the bus is the form of car travel, soft prices than regular taxi.

If you still want to take a taxi to more active when moving then put the car in DichungTaxi are good options, quick, convenient and save.