SHARE Journey


SHARE is a scholarship which aims to help ASEAN students coming around Asean and some of EU countries to exchange 1 semester.

This is not the 1st time I applied for it. The 1st time was 1 year ago and I failed. I partly understand why I didnt get the scholarship, but it actually doesnt matter. The point is my feeling. I expected a lot in that scholarship for I thought I had to overcome tons of challenges (complicated procedure) so I deserved it. The more expectation, the more disappointment.

i remember that day, 13 days after I submited my dossier, I was sitting on the stairs at my school with some friends. My phone made a noise notifying that a new gmail from SHARE has come. I didnt expect it that early. Leaving the gossip, I read the email with the highest anxiety and expectation. one thing you should know that I thought I would get the scholarship up to 80%.

Boooooooom! I missed it. I dont know why but after reading the email, I thought nothing. Pick up the bag, stand up and go home. Toooo much disappointment. But its was ok after all. I just regret the efforts that I made paying off nothing.

But its not useless until I apply this semester.

(To be continued)