The recent generation of iPad Pro models was considered as a great step forward from the previous iPad generations with a better design, a much faster processor, as well as many general performance improvements. Apple is getting serious about keeping the iPad’s trajectory headed towards the professional end of the spectrum. We at TablePlus also believe that it will be the future of personal computing so we made a big bet on it. We brought TablePlus app to iOS and iPadOS.

We can proudly say that TablePlus iOS is the only database tool that provides a well-rounded solution to work…

TL;DR: We are back again with the Windows version of TablePlus:

  • A native build.
  • Multiple drivers support MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server… and the others are coming soon.
  • Built-in SSH, no need for PuTTY.
  • It’s the fastest DB tool with streaming results row by row and async loading.
  • Intuitive UX/UI with the high-resolution display.
  • Active development and lifetime support.
  • It’s 100% compatible with macOS version, you can share data from macOS to Windows (connections, history, favorites, license…).

This is the initial release, more features from the macOS version are coming to this Windows version in the next few weeks, including indexes…

Back in the day, when it comes to working with relational databases, especially PostgreSQL, we didn’t have many choices.

You might have used pgAdmin, an official tool that was built by the team behind PostgreSQL, or some reputable tools such as Navicat or SequelPro… we tried them all. Each tool has its own unique feature kit that made it standout but we didn’t seem to be satisfied [Warning — we’re going a just little bit picky here].

  • Some tools take so much time to start-up, poor performance or eating RAM.
  • Some tools make you feel like being in the 90s…

TablePlus is a native application helps you easily edit database data and structure. TablePlus currently Supports: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Redshift, and databases have a similar connector.

I. Native application: native application provides a faster and seamless performance.


II. Multi tab, multi windows viewing.

Recently, while developing TablePlus, we researched about SSH tunneling technology. After testing several database tools which supported ssh tunneling, we discovered that your connection might be leaked until you disconnected from the internet or shut down your machine. The leak is caused by using open-ssh to create tunneling. So what is ssh tunneling? And why do we need it to connect to a remote database? Please see the diagram below.

SSH Tunneling process

Because of security reasons, almost every host does not allow clients to connect directly to the database from outside of the server. That’s why database tools need to create tunneling…


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