The happiness of feeling grateful

Dear mom,

I feel happy now! At least, for this moment, I am feeling happy. The emotion which has been haunting me in the past two months, and I thought I could never find that happiness again. On Mothers’ day, we celebrate the power of our dearest women, our Mothers. They have sacrificed everything just to make us happy and just to give us the best as possible. And mom, you are a part of this celebration. I know that as being a human, you may be selfish, inconsiderate to my feelings sometimes yet from my deep-down heart, the love you have given me is endless. You are the one whom I will always look up to when I’m down. I owe you a lot.

I grew up without a father. A thing which has hurt me and made me incomplete sometimes. But you got the best of it. You did everything you could do. You sang me to sleep, drove me to school every single day and never asked for anyone’s helps, listened to my silly story at school and was the best cook ever. I deeply treasure every moment being your son. I never feel sad of not having father beside me but feel grateful for everything I’ve been through. That’s all what I need now.

Mom, you may never know, this time is tough for me. I am struggling finding my true self, whom I have been lost in the past 20 years. But it is worth pondering on and writing about. The incoming experiences may shape a better future-me. And I believe that there’s a bright light waiting for me at the end of this long road, the road of life.

My dear mom, whatever coming ahead, happy or sorrow, I hope you will support me and accept me for who am I.

Love you.

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