Current workers are increasingly demanding of themselves, trying to have a multitasking profile, avoid stress , achieve the desired work-life balance or, in the case of the responsible personnel in charge, inject motivation in their employees and increase rates productivity of your project. In order to decentralize and streamline work, manage projects and goals or activities outside the office, there is a full range of essential mobile application for any worker.

Although they are particularly suitable for freelancers , self — employed and entrepreneurs, the following apps are valid for any worker who wants to have their projects and daily tasks in your pocket. Take note of them!

If you want to work comfortably on your smartphone, this dozen points related to the order tools, billing, task management or collaborative work.


When we talk about applications to manage your tasks, Evernote is one of the essential, with multi — device profile, intuitive and comfortable interface. With it you can take quick notes, create lists of tasks to do, schedule appointments on your calendar or save articles to read later.

It is the best application on the market to collect and capture ideas in various formats, including text, drawings, photos, audio, video, PDF files and web capture .You can also use the camera to scan, digitize and organize your paper documents, business cards, handwritten notes and drawings effortlessly.


It is one of the best online market project managers with a cork similar to the classic post-its visual design, functioning as a digital board. It is ideal for enhancing collaborative work , decentralize tasks and delegate functions within a company.

To this end, projects are grouped into boards, which allow to create a scheme Kanban type . We talked in depth of this application in the following article . Similar to manage tasks and equipment remotely alternatives are Nozbe or Wunderlist.


This tool is a platform for collaborative messaging that lets you create group and private chats, share files, videos or images then can be searched by person, date or category. It is so powerful that some voices call replace email and is already monopolizing a high percentage of internal corporate communications.

App data can be synchronized with computer equipment and integrated with social networks like Twitter or Facebook and cloud services.

Toggl Time Tracker

If you’re looking to improve your productivity and manage your time effectively , something especially useful if as an autonomous prefer to charge by the hour — this application allows you to record activities and the time it takes them, pausing and resuming the timer when you need it and grouping project tasks or topics as you want.

In addition to calculating your own performance and determine the roles in which you are most effective and fast, Toggl Time Tracker automatically generates statistics and reports, calculates the costs if you assign a price on your time and hosts your data in the cloud.

Cam Scanner

This application works as a printer-scanner, allowing you to scan all kinds of documents -Planes, deliveries, reports, receipts, etc, helping to arrange all the paperwork and ensure you do not miss, because it will always be available in the cloud.

With it, you can trim the edges and enhance image quality, in addition to create multi-page documents and in different formats and can share them from your smart device.


This application is key to channel and manage customer service requests in relation to a variety of sources -telephone, e-mail or social networks through a single list, allowing them to respond quickly.

You can view pending requests and produce lists of shared work , so it is ideal for online shops or service companies, decentralizing functions and having all the important information to provide the user with optimal care.


This application, very useful for the accounting section of the company, serves to enable users to prepare their electronic invoices, email them to customers and keep a copy in the accounting book of the company.

Invoice2go is a great alternative to manage your invoices quickly and easily from anywhere , using only your mobile device. It also allows record expenses and receipts and store them in the books of the company.

When I Work

Especially recommended for managers, this application is used to record the times of all employees of a template , allowing administrators to see who is available and when, resolve scheduling conflicts or approve days off , so it is ideal for the Department of Resources Humans. +

Moreover, employees can also use it to check their schedules or find another partner to cover them.


It is the hosting service in the cloud reference , which has relegated forever eternal filing offices by allowing the digitization of millions of documents can be organized into folders.

This intelligent application to upload files allows you to send download links to any document, has a really easy to use thanks to its clean interface , it integrates with all operating systems, allows complete synchronization between devices, enhances the security of your documents and allows blow them to click.


Perfect for small businesses, offers expense tracking, invoices, payments and general administration of the budgets. It also integrates with computers and the cloud, the data will be permanently updated on every device you use for reference.

QuickBooks Online has a Payroll module for payroll, in order to expedite the process of direct payment to our employees. With the push of a button you run the payroll process and employees are direct payments made to the employee ‘s bank account.

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