Gas Line Repair Plano

Craig Kessler
May 9 · 2 min read

If you presume a gas leak is in your Plano house, here is what you need to do:

Proceed with caution. If you smell the gas leaking, it may be coming from your stove or hot water heater. Take caution when examining the source of the smell. If it is your oven, guarantee all burners are off; do not examine the pilot light or ignite any other source of flame. If you know exactly how to safely turn off your water heater, do so, however do refrain from doing anything that puts you in immediate threat.

Depart from the home. Calmly get every member of the family and animal out of the home. Hurrying around can knock something over or pull an electrical wire in an electrical outlet, creating a spark. Every person needs to stand faraway from the home, such as across the street or in a neighbor’s yard.

Contact the gas company. The gas company must be notified at once whenever there is a serious gas leak. Only they can fully shut off all sources of gas in your property. Once they do so, you will need to wait a while, possibly hours, prior to being able to reentering your house. If safe, you can attempt to open some home windows from the outside to air out the gas much faster.

Call us. After the gas company has turned off your gas, connect with us to take care of the required repairs.

Installing New Gas Lines
Our specialists can also set up completely brand-new gas lines in your house. We would be happy to speak with you regarding just how to run gas lines for it.

Bear in mind, gas lines are not suitable Do It Yourself jobs. Not just can the gas be dangerous, however specific building and safety codes need to be fulfilled. Only certified specialists that know the local codes and policies for gas lines can install or fix them.

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