Hi Henk,
Yvo Hunink

My personal belief is that we should educate people in a way that they grasp the full extent of the impact of this technology: self sovereignty, changing roles of powerful middlemen, transparency, immutable history, no censorship, fairness, freedom (of choice).

Wouldn’t it be great that every person learns to decide what is relevant and good for them, just like they learned how to handle a cooking fire, ride a bicycle, drive a car and use the internet safely (erm, did we really?)

We should strive for reproducibility of suitable responses to (true or false) reports about new technologies like public blockchains by offering people to learn the skills to do so, as automatic behaviour.

The be complete in my answer: we should give an honest insight in the drawbacks too: vulnerability of (naive) key management for example or zero tolerance to mistakes. With freedom comes great responsibility :-)

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