White women coming to my city for the Women’s March: This is what I want you to know
Bridget Todd

It saddens me to read your letter to us white women who you think are just opportunist and taking advantage of a selfie moment. I hope you did go to the march and your mind was changed about the real reason we were all marching. Because we are all FUCKING terrified of this narcissistic monster who has become our president. We all need to stand together against this administration. Women and men. People from all races, religions and sexual orientations. Yes an unbelievable amount of women voted for him but the real reason he won was because an unbelievable number of women DIDN’T vote at all, which is the real issue here. It is unfortunate that it took something as horrific as the election to get people off their asses and active, but people are motivating now. So can we all stop throwing shade at each other and come together for the sole purpose of getting this man and his administration out of the white house and try to limit the damage he is doing to our country and our world.


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