A Blogging Application

Back in October of the last year, I started the full stack certification course through Udacity. I’ve learned a lot from my last project.

My second project was Multi-User Blog application written in Python, HTML, CSS and twitter bootstrap framework. The first version of the application is to include a basic login and log out, enter & delete posts, enter & delete comments and liking the posts. This application was uploaded to Google Cloud — App Engine.

Here is a picture of the welcome screen to the blog:

The interesting feature for the blog was the post and comments. Think about Facebook, Medium, or any online news organization where you can comment and post on articles.

This image shows the implementation of the post and comment. It’s relatively small compared to any online news organization. Here is the GitHub to the project. It gives you instructions how you can run it locally on your machine.

A few takeaways from this project:

  1. Understand the Google Cloud Ecosystem. It helps you to understand how to deploy the application.
  2. Debugging the application.
  3. Be Patient and don’t give up

This project was really fun. I got out of my comfort zone and enjoy it.

My final thought is that keep experimenting. Those experiments will lead results. The results will help you lead insights for future products or services.

Thank you. I enjoyed writing this post.

Reach out to me for any new opportunities in your company. I’m always looking.