A Perfect Guide For Me : Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree

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Since my graduation, I have always loved the concept of Digital Marketing but unfortunately, didn’t know much about it and also had no one to give me directions that how the things are taking place digitally. Whatever knowledge I had about Digital Marketing was all from the Internet. I was always very excited to know more about it. Specially, the Social Media Marketing. I was very curious to know how Search Engine Optimization works, how a single Post serves to the maximum population, how Google Trends, Google Analytics works. To get some practical knowledge about it, I decided to make my Photography Facebook page, Photography : A Momnt In TiMe https://goo.gl/ETbUoQ and market my creativity digitally.

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From there I slowly came to know about boosting the post, organic and paid posts, insights of the page, making an advertisement for the page and many more things. Along with this, My friend started his business, www.kiraipe.com where once again I had the opportunity to connect digitally with the consumer. Always liking the B2C marketing, I really worked hard and enjoyed allot doing all the work to make the team digitally stable like handling the Instagram account, Advertisement Shooting, Making Posters, and much more.

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But still, there was something missing, as I was unable to get all the things clear in my mind. Although the Internet helped me a lot in my search still the complete knowledge was not there. Because of the hunger of knowing more, I wanted to learn more about Digital Marketing.For this, I also searched online for various courses on Digital Marketing but got an unsatisfactory result. One day while posting a picture on the Facebook page, my brother told me about Udacity digital marketing nanodegree program that was created in collaboration with leading industry partners such as Google, Facebook, Hootsuite, HubSpot, MailChimp and Moz and is taught by industry experts. It sounds interesting to me. Quickly I went through the website The Digital Marketing syllabus and there it was everything that I have been searching for and hence I was ready to pursue the course. Now I’m getting complete knowledge of whatever I wanted to learn and know from the very beginning. I enjoyed learning here with Udacity. It’s a very good platform for Enhancing the Skills and have some really good Hands-on Experiences from writing a content to running and monitoring a live campaign. Also with the knowledge and experiences that I have got from here, I am able to build a job-ready portfolio.

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