Best Designers in Israel

I created a list of best UI/UX, product and brand designers in Israel for you.

You’re welcome.

Almost every day I hear about another startup in Israel that is looking for a designer. They need designers for branding, product UI, company website etc. So I created Design Jobs in Israel, a newsletter that helps designers and startups meet each other.

I meet many designers and hear feedback about their work. Now I want to share with you a list of the studios and people I think you should hire for your next project.

Check out the comments, there are links to more professionals.

Big studios

It doesn’t neccessary mean that these studios are actually big and have a lot of employees. Studios below are a better fit for big, well-funded and corporate projects.

3Bears — branding and digital design. Great for big, corporate and unnecessary technology companies and brands.

Netcraft — everybody knows them. The talented co-CEO Lior Yair who was responsible for most of the projects resigned recently (and apparently moved to Wix), hopefully they will keep the high bar that they had. Netraft created an “Academy” with UX and front-end development classes. Good pick if you need to design a product or web-presence.

5IVE — UI/UX design for corporations.

Inkod Hypera is one of the biggest and most successful UI/UX design agencies in Israel (and their founder Ilan Dray is a funny guy). They are working closely with startups and see themselves as strategic partner and not just a service-provider.

Loolyan — Uri Ar, the founder is one of the most talented designers in Israel. Loolyan is the most startup-oriented studio from all above.

Matnas are doing UI/UX for both mobile & web + digital strategy.

Small studios

Those guys are small and cool. Great for startups, small and medium companies.

Muze Studio are focusing on web-experiences and develop their designs in-house which is a very big advantage.

Pixel Wrapped — 2-people studio. Idan, the designer and programmer is a cool guy who knows well his craft. Good pick for creating a website of your product (Drupal-based) or web-app.

RadicalFox — good pick for a website design.

WAAC — UI/UX and product design.

Hamutzim are crafting interfaces for web and mobile. IMO illustrations are their strongest side, reach them out if you need a something fancy and colorful.


Most probably these guys are your best choice if you’re looking for someone lean and not a multiple-people studio.

Naor Suki — one of the most talented UI/UX designers in Israel. Suki designed the original mobile Yes apps (not the Yes GO, this one was designed by Balora and me), Scringo, the original designer behind fiddme.

Daina Reed is a great web designer.

Erik Deiner is very talented UI/UX designer. Bro, finish your portfolio already! ☺


These guys are working full-time on their own gigs or for other companies, but I couldn’t create this list without mentioning them.

Leonid Jack is a freelancer who recently joined Netcraft as VP UX.

Ran Segall is a designer with vision. Check out his great talk with Jonathan Saragossi on Digital Play conference. He’s former product designer in, currently working on his own gig.

Ziv Meltzer designed for SimilarWeb, ICQ and was the head of UX in The Gifts Project that was aquired by eBay. Now Ziv is a co-founder and head of product at HelloDoctor.

Oz Pinhas is young and promising UI/UX designer and front-end developer currently working on IMO Oz is a rising star, so keep an eye on him.

Eyal Zuri is a great UI/UX designer and design-community activist that worked in Netcraft. Eyal is currently working for Conduit.

Sagi Shrieber co-founded TapDog that was aquired by SimilarWeb recently. Sagi founded a well-known among designers Pixel Perfect magazine, HackingUI and very active in Israeli design community.

If you’re looking for a designer you should reach me out about posting your job in Design Jobs in Israel (it’s free) —