Design Disruptors Takeaways

So we had a screening of the Design Disruptors here in Bangalore yesterday.

I liked the film overall, production quality is pretty high and the integrity of the interviews of some of the brightest minds in design has been preserved with great care. I plan to watch it again to uncover some more nuances I might have missed the first time.

But there were some key learnings I take away from the movie, I’d like to share them here; useful to all of us designers, helping us stay mindful at all times —

  • You as a designer and your user are two very different people. You’re designing for them. Not for you, not for anybody else. And it’s also important to know and realise the difference. What you make doesn’t have to look good and make sense just to you. It has to make sense to your users. As designers we’re always cagey and nervous about how other people will react to the products we create. Our designs aren’t ours, it’s a service we do to our users. It has to make sense to them. Now because we’re wired up to think it’s somehow supposed to work for us, we engineer solutions differently. We need to always be user centric and keep their needs in mind.
  • As humans, we get used to almost everything pretty quickly (even discomfort). All our tirades against Facebook changing the newsfeed and Twitter changing the timeline dynamics and Instagram introducing ads look hollow when we all forget and get used to it after all. The same way, our users get used to subpar experiences and bad designs when they have no choice. It’s our responsibility to be mindful of our impact and eliminate the hindrances from people’s lives. People shouldn’t have to get used to inconvenience.
  • A couple of hours of extra grinding, a couple of hours of extra thinking and care from designers can go a long way. It can often mean a few seconds or minutes saved for a million users. That is the impact we have as creators. And because we, the designers are equipped with the power, we have to leverage it the right way.

The movie has plenty of material to inspire someone who’s wondering whether design is a possible career choice for them, it inspires the ones starting out and more importantly to the ones already working in the field of design, it bolsters certain beliefs and principles that we believe in.

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