Redesigning Instamojo: A Case Study

Hardik Pandya
Jan 11, 2016 · 11 min read

The need for redesign

Brand new dashboard

Each section of the dashboard is designed with the concept of User Missions.

A User Mission (UM) is a task/problem/goal a user wants to achieve with the help of that particular section of the product. Once that mission is clearly identified & defined, that section does nothing more, nothing less.

Cards expand to reveal more information

When a card is closed we show contextual information that is sufficient for you to get an idea of the particular element. When you want further metadata around that event, you expand the card to reveal it.

Data Meter on top of our dashboard
Earlier layouts that didn’t make the cut

We decided to make our site wider in layout and introduce informative units that could help the seller learn more about various peripheral features Instamojo offered.

An ancillary benefit of this space was to use it for feature announcements and promoted content as well.

Your sales figures and earnings on Instamojo
Your spends is where you can see your purchases on Instamojo
Request a payment from anybody
Create a new payment link to sell something on Instamojo
Instamojo offline — when you lose Internet connection while you are on Instamojo
Dashboard on the iPhone

Laying the right foundation

With growing collaboration, we needed to understand each other’s methods and sanitise the way we worked as a design team.

The guides

Instamojo UI color palette
Sample spec for a form
Button states
Comprehensive style-guide for the new Instamojo

Early investment in standardisation of design components & building blocks meant we spent incrementally less time in dishing out layouts for our new features and pages.

Design process

We are our users’ advocates and we vouch for simplicity and usability in the product to make their lives easy.

One of the most critical things we did starting out the redesign was to keep the Developers on-board in the process to keep a reality-check on the designs we made.

Our complete full-stack design flow

Design team

The good work doesn’t stop here

“2016 is going to be awesome, and we want you to be a part of it.” 🤘

Want to work with us?

Hardik Pandya

Written by

Designer @Google Search • Previously @GSuite

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