A running list of learnings & insights from my ongoing journey as a Googler.

I joined Google back in October. Joining a company of Google’s size and scale has been quite a revelatory experience.

Friends and old colleagues often ask how working at Google is different after having worked at a series of startups — in trying to answer this question, I came up with several instances of learnings through my own experiences the months. I feel sharing these can help many others in similar situations, but I did this in a way that it is an advice to my own self so I can read and re-read these as a reference.

So here we go in no particular order…

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Let me begin by briefing about why I started thinking about a comprehensive trip planning approach in the first place.

People problem

My wife and I went to Italy last year. A lot happened before that though. I’m a fanatic planner when it comes to something like preparing for a good trip. I wanted to make sure I make the most of the 18–20 days I will be spending there.

When I started collecting information and understanding the geography of the country, I realised that there were 2–3 different tracks I could take. …

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While designing for work, we end up with very large Sketch files for big projects. Working on these files means occasionally wanting to change/edit attributes across the whole document at once and more. Doing this painstakingly by selecting every layer meeting a certain criteria is very unproductive.

There are a few very specific tools I find incredibly useful and have been using daily for the last 6 months to a year that I want to share here. Hopefully they will end up contributing to your design workflow as well.

  • Artboard TricksIn large Sketch files, a lot of times we end up with unevenly distributed artboards across the canvas. This is normal considering we try a lot of approaches and see what works and what doesn’t. I normally prefer organising artboards by UX flows they are a part of. It’d be great if they were appropriately numbered as well so when you export them, the PNGs are properly ordered. This plugin does all of that — arrange your artboards in a grid, number them appropriately and export them as you like. …

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