Act Like Local - D.C. Style

Fake it ‘till you make it with these quick tips on how to blend in. Whether you’re a tourist, student, or recent transplant, it’s important to know a few key do’s and don’ts in the Capital:

  1. Stand on the right, walk on the left on the Metro escalators. Trust me — there is no faster way to be snapped at by a local than by standing in the wrong place and blocking their power walk.
  2. When you need to figure out your next Metro stop, look at an app on your phone, not the map in the station. Nothing screams “TOURIST” like a dazed pedestrian staring at the Metro map. I use DCRider, but here’s a list of other apps that serve the same purpose.
  3. Pro tip: You don’t actually have to wait for the metro gates to close before you tap your Metro card on the reader. You can tap your card on the SmarTrip sensor immediately after the person in front of you (whether you are entering or exiting the station) and it keeps the gates open for you to walk through. Trust me, this can make a big difference during rush hour.
  4. Once you buy a SmarTrip card, register online and set-up auto-reload. You’ll save yourself time and lines at the station.

That’s all for this week — best of luck in the Capital!