Keeping Up with DC

DC is constantly bustling with activities, events, lectures, performances, and more. Keeping up with what’s happening can be a job in itself. Subscribe to these resources to catch the highlights:

1) Thrillist — AKA the Buzzfeed for life in DC. It posts lists of the best restaurants and activities, ranging from “28 Things to Do in the Capital Before You Die” to “The Best Brunches in DC” and everything in-between.

2) Active Life DC — If you’re into the fitness scene, sign-up for this newsletter to find out about free workouts and outdoor activities in the DMV.

Local tip: DMV is DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

3) Brightest Young Things — BYT’s “Best Weekend Bets” is a GIF-filled newsletter of everything happening over the weekend in DC. It can be a long read, but worth it to find unique events that other newsletters may miss.

4) Washingtonian — If you only want to sign-up for one newsletter, this should be it. It summarizes the most popular things to do in DC and even throws in health and wellness tips.

5) theSkimm — While not a DC-specific newsletter, theSkimm is just as essential. It’s a short, daily round-up of what’s happening in the world, and is a fast and funny way to stay informed. I read it on my morning commute, and it guarantees I can join in on whatever topic comes up at the office that day. Fake it ‘till you make it.

Last but not least, PSA: Last week was National Donut Day, which you probably saw on your social media feed. Here’s a list of the best donut shops in the DMV. My personal favorite is Sugar Shack in Virginia — trust me, it’s worth the trip.