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Downtown LA, looking pretty

Saying that LA sucks is a cliché, but cliché’s don’t exist in a vacuum. There’s a kernel of truth in each one.

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for 6 years this September. It’s the longest continuous time I’ve ever lived in one place since I was 4, but it wasn’t until I moved Downtown that I realized why Los Angeles sucks, and it’s closely tied into another cliché about Los Angeles: the fact that everyone here is superficial.

Now, obviously, that’s not entirely true. There’s great people in LA, just like there are great people in Dubuque, Iowa. There’s a level of work ethic here that’s centered around creativity that I’ve never seen anywhere else. New York’s the only place with a deeper appreciation of “hustling”, but it’s mostly in pursuit of the almighty dollar because Manhattan has turned into a playground for rich people and without money you can’t even peer over the fence to take a look at that playground. …


HW Edwards

Professional Storyteller, All-Star Paper Crumpler.

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