I’m Taking The Goldfish
Alicia Malone

This was an amazing read. You inspire me so much. I remember telling you when I emailed you that I follow you on every social media possible and it’s because of posts like this! I literally just signed up for an account just to add to the list to follow you on. We’ve talked back and forth through email and every time I’ve been fortunate to get a response from you and you always have the kindest words to say and support. I quit social media about 5 years ago and just recently got back on it to try and promote my movie reviews and website. And everything you discussed is exactly true and why I quit 5 years ago was what you discussed. How you can be with your group of friends yet everyone is so involved and consumed in their iDevice that no one notices that we haven’t talked in the past 10 minutes. One thing myself and a few friends have been doing is not touching or phones when we eat together and having a little contest. We actually converse with each other! We spark up debates on which Marvel movie is the best. What the best movie of 2015 was. I will forever be a part of your tribe! Thank you so much Alicia! Keep up the amazing work you do and I look forward to seeing more of you in whatever medium you present on!

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