Harlem’s Blanco Fell A Sleep On Delta And Woke Up In A Homophobic Investigation

Earlier this week performer Harlem’s Mykki Blanco fell asleep on a Delta flight from Toronto to Detroit. No big deal, right?

Well, when Blanco awakened he was subjected to an investigation by the police and the threat of an FBI report being filed. The passenger seated next to him allegedly called the police and complained about his seatmate.

“I just took a flight from Toronto to Detroit Michigan and when I woke up the gentlemen sitting next to me had the policed called,” he said in a tweet last night.

As for the passenger’s complaint? He shared that he was “not comfortable” sitting next to the openly queer artist and activist. If that wasn’t infuriating enough, Blanco said the officer threatened to send him to jail if he continued to ask questions.

It’s unclear exactly how the incident ended but Delta — an airline that has come under attack for allowing racist, hateful behavior in the past — responded swiftly. “Hi Mykki, I honestly can’t believe what my eyes are reading.”

Read the disturbing thread below:

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