Morningside Heights Danny Burstein Fave Harlem Haunts

danny burstein

Eight times a week, Danny Burstein leaves Manhattan’s Morningside Heights for Russia’s Anatevka. “It’s quite a ride — an emotional roller coaster!” says the 52-year-old who plays Tevye, father of six, in Broadway’s “Fiddler on the Roof.”

You’ll also find him on the screen these days, where he’s playing yet another father, in the film “Indignation.” The real-life father of two and husband of actress Rebecca Luker tells Barbara Hoffman where you’ll find him during his free time.

We’re close to Riverside Park, which is a haven for my wife and myself. We love to take walks there. There’s a little outdoor cafe that’s open in the warmer weather that I love. It’s at about 110th and Riverside. I get the fried calamari and some kind of IPA [beer].Between 112th and 113th streets is Community Food & Juice, a farm-to-table place that’s excellent. My younger son’s a vegetarian, so he loves that kind of food, God knows. Everything there is so fresh and healthy and inventive, and their menu changes depending on what’s going on with the seasons or weather.

The new pier on 125th Street keeps getting more and more beautiful. My wife and I like to go along the edge of the river and watch the boats go by. It’s a very calming respite right next to the West Side Highway and Fairway [Market]. There are benches and flowers, and people jog by and musicians play there.

There’s a bookstore at 112th and Broadway called Book Culture, and it’s wonderful. I recently bought that book by George Carlin’s daughter [“A Carlin Home Companion”]. It’s a warm, small bookstore, not part of a conglomerate. That’s the wonderful thing about our neighborhood. In a way, it’s still a small college town.

Via source. Photo credit: Gary Gershoff/WireImage