What happens when you turn all phone notifications off…

I’ve always had an obsession with clearing my notifications. I don’t think this is unusual but it would become all consuming. Like a game, you have to just keep ticking them off. There’s a little hit of endorphins every time, it’s phone crack. But it has it’s drawbacks, it makes you very reactive. I would finish something and look to my phone and deal with whatever it gave me. Rather than deciding what I thought was important and doing that first.

Having turned them all off, I am loving it. After a few days and a quick review, here is what I’ve discovered:

  • Facebook: Fine to leave for long periods of time. Mainly events and old friends.
  • Whatsapp: Generally rubbish. Great if you’re bored. But if you’re bored, then go and look at it. Don’t let it take over your thoughts if you’re doing something or with someone else.
  • Text messages: Do have to be a bit careful here, sometimes important. But have found that I look at them so regularly nothing has gone bad yet.
  • Linkedin: Now much less annoying, never really figured out how to use it on my phone anyway.
  • To-do list: Doesn’t freak me out any more.
  • Chess (embarrassingly): Now I play when it’s actually the right time.
  • Arsenal: I’m watching it, I don’t need to be told the half time score!
  • Everything else: Still not relevant

Trust me on this one, you’ll enjoy every moment much more without distractions. Hopefully, you’ll also become rather productive. Or at least feel like you are and that you therefore have enough time for silly blog posts…