Is your data playing well with others?

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Data in a distributed environment needs additional consideration in order to stop disjointed and competing approaches being implemented. This can lead to mistrust of datastores and its consumers re-inventing their own view of business facts.

In a monolithic architecture, data storage is a simple operation mostly due to a single database instance being used. All new data requirements are generally added to an existing dataset much the same way as new functional requirements are added to the monolithic codebase. …

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Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

Web development gets easier every year, with latest frameworks allowing more complex sites to be built quicker than ever. Aside from the initial development work, there is also the ongoing maintenance burden of these projects to consider that seems to be consistent regardless of technology used. These projects often live through years of organisational change and multiple teams will be responsible for the code base until it is removed.

Whilst implementing GDPR requirements at Holiday Extras, we considered these facts when a new project was needed. …

Mark Terry

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