Welcome to our weekly update, an initiative from the HEXXCOIN team to keep our dear supporters informed of recent developments to the HEXXCOIN community.


The HEXXCOIN team has witnessed a significant expansion since last update, with JosephX joining the core team and pinkunicorn78 and Jerry E joining the hexxtended team. The HEXXCOIN family would like to congratulate them on the promotion and hope that they will keep their appreciated contributions to the community.


The marketing department of the HEXXCOIN team has been very actively working behind the curtains and, although quiet at the surface, major moves are being set. The department lead, IndominusHexxx, has issued a very positive statement regarding a major development currently undercover. The HEXXCOIN community is yet to realise what he has been referring to! Additionally, the HEXXCOIN roadmap is being updated and an improved roadmap will be released very soon.


The BitcoinZeroX team is glad to announce that work on the BZX Whitepaper has started and the website is currently under development. It should be availabe during this week.


The price has currently stabilised around the 130k mark, but not for long. New buy orders are systematically piling up and HEXXCOIN is quietly gaining momentum for the next bull run as it climbs up the top prior to the fork.


On the surface, the last week has been mostly quiet for HEXXCOIN, yet major developments are brewing behind the curtains. The team, bound by NDAs, is unable to disclose more at this stage. While the community is given a moment of peace to catch its breath following last month’s new all-time-high, the team is silently piecing things together to even surpass that record.

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