Fantastic Brunch Places in NYC And Where to Find Them

“I discovered a meal between breakfast and lunch! “
— Homer Simpson
No. 1 Oficina 1M, Soho

【Oficina 1M】 Girls day out at this cozy, romantic, Italian styled café. We always couldn’t say no to their eggs omelette with a little bit magic ingredient — black truffle (everything could be amazing added truffle on it!)

No. 2 Bluestone Lane, Greenwich Village

【Bluestone Lane】Good morning New Yorkers! Treat yourself with a little bit more sunshine on Sunday. Wake up your friends and take a lovely Sunday brunch at Bluestone Lane. You don’t wanna miss out their Tempting Dark Forest Waffle and Avocado Smash. Well, trust me, their Collective Granola with rich coconut chips will bring you to the Austrilian beach.

NO. 3 Butcher’s Daughter, Soho

【Butcher’s Daughter】I’m not a vegetarian, but I’d like to give up meat in today’s meal just for their Caesar Salad! It’s topped with their secrete house Caesar dressing and crunchy fried onion. A great place to eat clean!

NO. 4 Two Hands, Little Italy

【Two Hands】It’s hard to decide put my two hands on which plate first. Acai Bowl or Avocado Toast! Two Hands is a amazing place where I can take these two of my favorites at the same time. The whole café is decorated as a dreamy and lovely heaven where you can enjoy your brunch surrounded by clouds.

NO. 5 Jack’s Wife Freda

【Jack’s Wife Freda】Want to try something more exotic for today’s brunch? Let’s go Jack’s Wife Freda and spend a Mediterranean morning. (Whisper) Don’t froget to ask them for the spicy green sauce (in the middle of the picture).

NO. 6 Egg Shop, Soho

【Egg Shop】Is there anything that you need to take everyday beside water? Mine is EGG! If you’re a egg addicts just like me, try Egg Shop. More importantly, foods on their menu are most nutrition balanced with fiber, protein, carbonhydrate…… Also good to fitnessers!

Well, now you may feel curious that why most of my brunch places located in Soho. Because Soho is full of great places to exlpore with friends after brunch! Musuems, designers’ shops, art studios, graffiti walls…… Soho likes a isolated place in Manhattan that comes with slower peace of life and the whole community is embraced by arts. At here, your brunch itself is an art, people surrounding you is an art, and architechure on the street is an art. You can always slow down, take a break, and enjoy a great brunch at here.

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