How Did A Food and Travel Blogger Use Techniques To Promote?

Introduce one of my favorite food and travel blog — The Travel Bite

Welcome to The Travel Bite, a food and travel blog for inspiring active culinary vacations!”

As you can see, the way that this novel food and travel blog — The Travel Bite utilized to differentiate itself with other tons of similar blogs was adding food recipes that inspired during traveling and eating. The blogger, as well as the chef, Rachelle Lucas believes “the best way to learn about a destination is through its flavors and often collects recipes from her trips and recreates them on The Travel Bite”. For a quick example, after she stayed at The Four Seasons Los Angles in Beverly Hills, and tried the typical Cali-style breakfast of fresh mixed juices. Rachelle renewed and revised a Lemon Cottage Cheese Pancake recipe that full of protein and creamy taste. We should admit that Rachelle found a unique and funny way to explore new foods and new places, and saved those good memories in a perfect way!

Rachelle had her unique proposition to stand out from competitors, but what else did she do for generate more audience? Besides diverse social media platforms that Rachelle used to promote her blog, Pinterest, Facebook, Yummly, Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon, and Reddit (Can’t believe she missed out Instagram), The Travel Bite used two techniques to help promotion. Firstly, she encouraged readers to subscribe her newsletters via email by giving away readers a Travel Planning Guide e-book. The newsletter is bi-weekly and contained with tips, travel deals, and inspired recipes. The second technique she used is personalization. Once you clicked in and read any blog on their website, there were suggestions of other related blogs showed up at the end of that blog. (screenshot below) This function encouraged audiences to explore more on the website based on their potential interests.

I originally cliced-in a blog “Hong Kong — A Foodie’s Dream Itinerary”, and it suggested me three related topic blogs and the end.

Furthermore, although the blog originally didn’t provide responsive design to the audience, Rachelle smartly opened the Travel Chats section on Twitter. She would answer readers’ question in a specific time range during a day on Twitter with assigned different hashtags. For example, she would picked out interesting headline questions to answer on Monday all day with hashtag — MexMonday. It’s a great way to promote the blog itself and also boost online traffic.

Twitter Chat Time and Hashtags

A smart and successful blogger today not only needs to know use what contents to feed her audience, but also needs to know how to drag their audiences’ attention and keep their loyalty. More and more bloggers are showing up today. It doesn’t matter which topic your blog would be focused on, as a blogger, you must figure out techniques to survive in this red ocean.