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Dear HybridBlock Community,

This update is written to address some important questions the community has been asking. As 2018 has closed, we think this is a great opportunity to provide a recap of the year and also share with you our vision moving into 2019.

The Good

HybridSummit– We hosted 2 major HybridSummit series, Macau and Bangkok. Each brought in over 1,000 guests and speakers. We firmly believe in collaboration and education as a fundamental ethos to getting new users on our platform and our events received great feedback from the community.

Team Growth– We started with 5 members in August 2017 to nearly 50 full-time employees across Singapore, Philippines, and Hong Kong. Check out our LinkedIn to see more about them. Everyone is very driven and focused to grow HybridBlock into a world-class ecosystem. We couldn’t do anything without this dedicated team of professionals. …

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Dear HybridBlock Community,

Over the last few months, since our initial launch, we have been working tirelessly on updates to the exchange. We have seen all your valuable feedback and have taken steps to make these changes to as quickly as possible. Thank you for all your continued feedback and support during our beta exchange phase, we are looking forward to introducing the next upgrades of the beta phase, including new coin listings and pairings!

Here’s a quick summary of HybridBlock related news, including many upgrades that have been implemented based on your feedback!

1. Overall Exchange Performance: we’ve fixed several bugs and optimized the exchange for faster load times and an overall smoother login process. Captcha also has minor improvements. …

Regarding “Fact Seeker’s” July 14, 2018 Medium post, we at HybridBlock felt it necessary to publish a response for our community. If their aim was to provide a clear and fair assessment of the HybridBlock ecosystem, it failed; instead this inflammatory article, based upon misunderstandings and misinformation, confused the community. Here is a clear breakdown of the “facts” to clear up any confusion among our community.

Fact 1: HybridBlock did not raise $50 million USD. Our pre-sale began in January when Ethereum (a majority of our raise was collected this way) was valued at over $1,000 USD. Taken at the time of collection, yes, our raise approached $50 million USD, but today (and at the end of our token sale) Ethereum is worth about half that price. The reality is that our bank account doesn’t reflect the amount the community thinks we raised. Because we didn’t sell right away, we could have re-pegged to the current market price and accepted more contributions. …

HybridTerminal is the world’s first standalone terminal specialising in cryptocurrency trading. Institutions and professionals can access the direct access platform with direct routing to all the major destinations, and advanced low latency execution with optimised Level II quote messaging system. Executions window to see the margin requirements if any on open orders and trades in each underlying cryptocurrency.

All trades are broken down by individual fill. Traders get real-time quote feeds from all the major exchanges and an in-depth look at liquidity at every price level on our platform. Aggregated Level II allows you to see the buyers and sellers of a cryptocurrency without having to pull up separate quotes from different exchanges. Everything is organised under one symbol. Bitcoin BTC. …

HybridExchange is an intuitive interface that enables users to participate in cryptocurrency markets developed by HybridBlock. After verifying their account, users can fund and manage it. The web-based platform has been devised to interface across multiple partner exchanges. Liquidity at those exchanges can be integrated into HybridBlock’s order books. This ensures that our markets remain competitive and users receive the best possible pricing.

It further assures that our markets remain competitive and consumers receive the best possible pricing. …

Cryptocurrency is the future of the financial world. With the ease of entering into transactions and various other benefits posed by the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology like — transparency, irreversibility, smart contracts etc., it is winning the trust of users. The market is still in its initial stage and growing. The cryptocurrency market is associated with many fluctuations, challenging for a non-expert to predict and relate to a specific event. This arouses the need for an informative and engaging source of education and information catering to all the cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts.

Hybridblock’s HybridCentral is an initiative to address the issues of lack of an informational and educational source in the cryptocurrency space. It is an App based education programme designed to give the knowledge required to manage your portfolio confidently. HybridCentral takes you on a step-by-step journey of the crypto space, led by the greatest minds. …

Trading cryptocurrencies can be cumbersome. Buying or selling cryptocurrency is generally associated with many formalities and complex procedures, and usually, people new to the cryptocurrency space feel strangled in the tangled and intricated processes. We, at Hybridblock, aim to provide a solution to this issue.

Hybridblock presents you “Basetrade”, a platform creating the easiest way for the consumers to enter the cryptocurrency market. Basetrade, with its user-friendly interface, will provide the most straightforward way of trading cryptocurrencies. Our platform will solve the problems that mass markets face while adopting and accessing cryptocurrency.

Consumers can access our platform, and within few minutes of confirming their identity, they can begin trading some of the most popular cryptocurrencies listed on Basetrade. You can buy or sell multiple cryptocurrencies via the “Shopping cart” feature, allowing the user to complete the transaction in a single execution, a manner which no other platform has offered yet. …

After a busy few weeks, we are excited to announce the official date of our upcoming Public Token Sale. That date will be May 23, 2018. We are extremely thankful for the community in showing great support, patience, and engagement over the past few weeks.

We have utilized this time to get the product in synch with the targeted sale date to allow the community to understand exactly what it is that we are building. Also, we have toured the globe at some of the leading blockchain events, having extremely valuable conversations with regulators and other blockchain companies.

The feedback we received from all parties, including our legal advisors, over the past few weeks was also an important part of the decision to start the sale in May. …

The HybridBlock airdrop campaign has been a massive success, helping us grow our Telegram community to over 25,000 members. Thanks to the campaign’s success, we’ve decided to conduct the Airdrop Referral Challenge, rewarding our top airdrop referrers!

🏆The top reward for the airdrop participant with the most referrals is an all-expenses-paid trip for two the the HybridBlock Launch Party in Asia this Fall! 🏆

👉Remember: There’s no limit on the number of friends you can refer to participate in our token airdrop, so be sure to activate your entire network and win the challenge!👈

Airdrop Referral Challenge Details

Challenge Eligibility: All airdrop participants that have cleared our airdrop KYC, placing them on our whitelist, are eligible to to be airdrop referrers. To become a referrer, all you have to do is share your airdrop referral link with your friends and network, and have them sign-up for the airdrop via your personal referral link! Your personal referral link can be found on the HybridBlock airdrop campaign page once you sign-in. …

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We are excited to announce the launch HybridBlock airdrop campaign. If you are reading this, that means the airdrop is live! Please read the airdrop details below and visit our campaign page to participate:


As a token of our appreciation to the community, the airdrop is open to all supporters that (a) are a part of our Telegram community (existing and new members) and (b) successfully whitelist through our airdrop platform partner, WeStart.

Every verified airdrop participant will be rewarded with 30 HYB tokens. …


HybridBlock Official

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